Debug the Myths’ 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gifts for friends, family and co-workers can be intimidating, overwhelming and stressful, which is why we’ve done the work for you and created a guide to plant-inspired gift ideas for everyone on your list.


Gifts for the design enthusiast:  

For the friend who’s mastered the art of feng shui and whose living room is straight out of your home-and-garden dreams, we’ve picked out items that will be sure to please.

Give the gift of green with a rubber tree, whose glossy leaves will be sure to add style, character and energy to any space.

  • Care: Place in bright light and avoid moving frequently. Prevent and control common pests such as mealy bugs and thrips by applying an insecticide designed to treat those pests according to label directions.
  • Buy: Rubber trees can be purchased at your local lawn & garden center.

Seeking to give a little more holiday spirit? Bromeliad plants are the perfect pop of color. Impress your home-accent aficionado by stylizing your green gifts with a geometric basket or stylish planter.

  • Care: Place in a well-lit area near a window and water only when the soil on top is dry. During growing season, feed bromeliads with half-strength fertilizer once per month.
  • Buy: Pick up a bromeliad at your local greenhouse or lawn & garden center.


Gifts for the world traveler

For your co-worker who hiked the Rocky Mountains, surfed Hawaiian waves and enjoyed baguettes beneath the Eiffel Tower all in one year, we’ve rounded up low-maintenance gift ideas for the friend who’s always on the go. These gifts are also great for your next door neighbors who prefer to be outside for their holiday weekend adventures.

Succulents provide a green, lively accent to any space while needing little water and sunlight.

  • Care: Keep indoors in a well-lit area and use well-draining soil by mixing half potting soil and half sand. Succulents need to have roots dry completely after watering, so be sure to gift succulents in a drainable pot.
  • Buy: You can purchase succulents anywhere from your grocery store to a lawn & garden center.


Gifts for the DIYer

For the “do-it-myself” duo on your shopping list, these gift ideas are perfect for inspiring their urge to try something new. Transform their kitchen windowsill with a collection of herbs that will encourage them to try their hand, and mixology skills, at crafting homemade New Year’s cocktails.

Inspire DIYers with herbs they can care for indoors now, and move outside when temperatures warm up, inspiring a full year of gardening ahead.

  • Care: Herbs require bright, indirect light and frequent watering. Mint is one of the easier herbs to grow but watch out for mint rust. Solve using an approach that works for you, which could include removing the infected leaves or applying a fungus treatment product according to label directions.
  • Buy: Herbs can be purchased at your local lawn & garden center.
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