3 Spring Break Staycation Activities to Enjoy Outside

March marks the start of spring, which means Spring Break is just around the corner. If you’re not heading to the beach this year, make the most of your time off with these staycation ideas for an enjoyable week at home. It’s the perfect time to tackle those DIY projects, throw the first party of the season or explore trails in your own neighborhood!

Create your own staycation paradise

As temperatures rise, now is the perfect time to make the yard updates you’ve been thinking about all winter. Give your porch a much-needed facelift by creating a colorful planter arrangement that will make your whole space feel like spring. Add an element of relaxation and create a place to unwind outside by adding a cozy hammock. Be sure to place your hammock between two sturdy trees located 10 to 15 feet apart and place your ties at around 18 inches high.

Looking for a bigger DIY project? A fire pit is a great way to entertain and make the most out of your space no matter the season. The easiest way to create your own fire pit is to surround a hole with pavers, and place firewood within.

Prep for Outdoor Entertaining

Start planning your spring and summer soirees, making your yard the go-to party spot. Refresh your lawn furniture with a new coat of paint and add an outdoor bar cart filled with fresh herbs to spice up your space, and your cocktails. Pick up fun yard games like a bean bag bucket toss and corn hole for entertaining, which are always a hit.

More time outside means more time around mosquitoes and other bugs, so provide bug repellent for your guests. Pick a colorful pot or fun vase, or feature it in your centerpiece, where it’s within easy reach of family and guests.

Hit the Trails

‘Tis the season for adventurous weekend trips. Research parks and hiking trails in your area and grab friends and family for quality time outside. Pack all the essentials before you head outdoors, and apply EPA-approved bug repellent according to label directions to avoid harmful tick and mosquito bites. Dress to prevent bug bites with tall socks, light-colored long pants and long-sleeves. Tuck your pants into your socks as extra protection and be sure to apply bug repellant after you apply your sunscreen!

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