How to Spot Garden Myths vs. Facts

The fall season’s mild temperatures make for the perfect opportunity to refresh your outdoor space. There’s a lot of information out there, so we’re here to help you spot garden gimmicks and find products and solutions that will actually benefit your home & lawn.

We share the facts behind common home & lawn care myths and misconceptions to direct you to the right fall gardening advice.

MYTH: There’s only one way to solve my home & lawn problems.

FACT: The AND Approach means you can choose the solution that works for you. It’s three steps to find, solve and prevent issues, giving you confident control over your home & lawn.

MYTH: I don’t need to consult a professional when selecting home & lawn care products.

FACT: Turn to your local home & yard professional if you’re looking for personalized advice. From deciding which plants to group together, to mastering a landscape design, professionals are a reliable resource. You can also consult your university extension website for access to more resources, online courses and more.

MYTH: Product labels and instructions are pretty much the same across all home & lawn care products.

FACT: Product labels and directions aren’t for skipping and skimming. Even if it adds a few minutes to your trip, reading labels will help you determine the best product for a sustainable solution.

MYTH: I should buy new gardening supplies every time I want to take on a new project.

FACT: Stocking up on garden essentials will help save you money in the long run. Take an inventory of the tools you do and don’t have. It’s almost inevitable that you will need items like gloves and a shovel, so add them to your first shopping list. Before buying new tools, check in on your current inventory or see if a neighbor has tools you could borrow.

MYTH: Every plant needs the same amount of sunlight.

FACT: The amount and type of light a plant absorbs has huge impact on its overall well-being. Indirect light? Choose a bright windowsill. Full shade? Your bathroom counter is the perfect spot. Full sun? Clear a spot on your uncovered patio. Our best advice – read the plant label and directions to determine the amount of light your plant requires and find the best spot in your garden or home to meet its needs.

MYTH: I can water all my plants the same.

FACT: Watering seems straightforward and easy, right? But many plants die because of over- or under-watering. Different plants have different watering needs, so read their label and directions and be thoughtful about grouping plants based on their recommended watering schedule.

Want to keep these facts top-of-mind? Screenshot or print the below for a quick reminder during your next home & lawn project.

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