Double, Double Pests in Trouble

Halloween is around the corner, meaning it’s time to be on the lookout for creepy crawlers attempting to escape cooler weather in and around your home. Learn to vanquish some of the most common fall pests with trusted products and tips from the pros, below.

Halloween Beetle: Don’t let the ladybug costume trick you. The Halloween Beetle gets its name from its orange and black exterior and is known for congregating in large packs outside your home like hungry trick-or-treaters. Along with a potent smell if squashed, heavy infestations can also increase allergies. Keep Halloween Beetles out by sealing any interior and exterior cracks and applying insecticide products according to label directions to the exterior of your house.

Bed Bugs: These tiny invaders may be known for hiding in bedding and closets, but did you know they are easily transported via Halloween costumes as well? Thoroughly inspect costumes from thrift or consignment shops for bed bugs by washing and drying them on high heat cycles for up to 30 minutes.

Spiders: Though helpful in getting rid of other pests, spiders can still frighten even the bravest horror fan. Homeowners should be particularly aware of the black widow spider and brown recluse spider, who can leave painful bites if disturbed. Remove trash and clutter in and around your home to reduce hiding places. And, make sure you wear heavy gloves when sorting through decorations for your haunted house.

Rats and Rodents: No matter the season, there’s nothing nice about mice, rats and other rodents, especially in your home. These nocturnal critters can spread disease and cause extensive property damage. Read more on how to spot and prevent a potential rodent infestation with simple methods and help from the pros, here.

Though there are no simple spells to eliminate pests, don’t let creepy crawlers scare you this fall. Learn how to identify them, below.

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