Deck the Halls with these 12 Plants

Holiday plants bring the smells and colors of the season to your favorite spaces, be it under the mistletoe, next to the Christmas tree or draped across the fireplace mantel. For the happiest and most festive holiday yet, here are 12 plants that can add holiday cheer to your home or serve as the gift that keeps giving all season long.

Fraser Fir

Christmas trees are the epitome of the holidays, and the Fraser fir is an all-time favorite. Before you bring your tree inside, cut off ½-1 inch off the base for optimal water absorption. Place your tree in a stand and let the decorating begin!


Poinsettias are a must-have for the holiday season. Gifting these flowers traditionally symbolizes good cheer and success, making them the perfect gift for your friends and co-workers. Be sure to add a festive tag to wish them happy holidays and share plant care tips. Poinsettias thrive in full sun and only need watering when the soil is dry.


A sure source of vibrant colors and festive aesthetics, blooming amaryllis are great options to add the pop of holiday red you’re looking for. And, you can even give amaryllis bulbs as a gift. Just note they bloom about six to eight weeks after the bulbs were planted. Water sparingly and provide bright, indirect light.


These winter flowers grow well indoors and have a distinctive sweet fragrance, making Paperwhites the perfect gift for the in-laws. The finishing touch? A shallow container topped with decorative stones.


Cyclamen is a sweet-scented, heart-shaped, vibrant flower with attractive silver-marbling foliage. Add holiday flair to your space by planting cyclamen in rich, well-drained soil and positioning where it will receive bright light.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas Cactus is a succulent with stunning flowers that make for beautiful hanging decor. And, is a great way to bring the holiday spirit to your desk at work. Water regularly and place in bright light.

Rosemary Trees

Rosemary trees mostly serve as a Christmas tree substitute adding seasonal flair to small spaces. Rosemary is also a flavorful herb perfect for spicing up your holiday dishes, including dressings and marinades. And, its fragrance will set a holiday ambiance your guests will love.

Norfolk Island Pine

Usually decorated with red ribbons and miniature ornaments, small Norfolk Island pines are tabletop trees that not only add winter cheer to homes, but also make for great green gifts. Water regularly and avoid placing them in drafty areas or near heating or cooling ducts.


If you have leftover pieces of fir and additional greenery, take on a DIY project and build your own garland. Once you’ve organized your greens by textures, layer them to create the structure according to the area where the garland will be placed. Trim and shape where needed then wrap in floral wire to bring them together and fill the gaps with extra greens if needed.


Holly branches can add a festive, yet stylish touch to your holiday gift wrapping. While most commonly thought of during Christmas time, if you want to grow your own holly bush for hints of green year-round, plant in moist soil and water daily for the first week.

Christmas Fern

Christmas ferns are robust, leathery ferns that keep their color year-round. If growing indoors, plant in moist, but not overly saturated soil, and mist weekly. Christmas ferns prefer morning sun and afternoon shade. And remember, be sure to remove brown or damaged leaves whenever they appear.


Oh, ho the mistletoe, hung where you can see! Mistletoe naturally grows on hardwood trees, but for guaranteed kisses, head to your local nursery to bring this holiday tradition to your doorway.

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