Monthly Gardening Intentions: Keep your goals – and plants – alive all year long

If you’re among the 80 percent of the population that’s broken your New Year’s resolution by the second week in February, no need to fret! Now is a great time to re-calibrate your goals by setting monthly intentions that will help you focus on the short-term for long-term growth.

Trade your new year’s resolutions for these monthly gardening intentions that will be sure to promote self and home improvement all year long.

1. January: Organize Your Tools & Products

Hit the ground running by taking the time to organize your lawn and garden tools and products. Invest in storage, like a toolbox or shelving, to keep your garage in order. Make sure you read and follow label directions on how to store pesticide and fertilizer products, including temperature and climate.

Pro-tip: Store pesticide and fertilizer products on a high shelf, out of reach for children and pets.

2. February: Share the Love

Make an extra effort to connect with the important people in your life while love is in the air. Head to your local florist or nursery to pick out your loved one’s favorite plants or flowers. Trade a vase for a planter, and gift green that will grow all year. And don’t forget the handwritten note!

Pro-Tip: Pick a plant based on your loved one’s personality, especially if you know their love language. Don’t forget to include helpful products – like fertilizer – to help your loved on care for their  plants all year long.

3. March: Pack & Prepare for Warmer Weather

Take time to step away from screens and breathe in some fresh air. We know it’s hard to unplug, but studies show time spent outside provides countless health benefits.

Pro-tip: Prep an outdoor travel bag to make sure you’re ready to go when the sunshine hits.

Have EPA-approved bug repellent and sunscreen on hand to protect you and your loved ones from harmful bug bites and UV rays. And, don’t forget to read the label instructions to make sure you’re using products safely and effectively.

4. April: Invest in Green

When your tax return hits, consider investing your extra cash in your lawn and garden. Add new gardening tools to your plant-care collection as you prep for the perfect garden, or hire a professional lawn care provider to free up your Saturdays this summer.

Pro tip: Ask the right questions when you’re searching for a lawn care provider. It’s especially important to make sure the professional is licensed, insured and able to provide you a list of the products they use. If you don’t know what to ask, check out this guide.

5. May: Bring the Party Outside

Block party season has arrived. Make your backyard the go-to place this summer. From birthday parties to evening barbeque with your neighbors, a well-maintained yard is a perfect venue for a quality time together.

Pro tip: Don’t let bug bites ruin your outdoor oasis. Have EPA-approved bug repellent on hand for your guests to keep the mosquitoes and ticks away.

6. June: Refresh your Space with Bright Colors

Enjoy the colors of summer from the inside out. Refresh your living spaces by adding pops of color and your favorite plants to your home decor. From your doorstep to your living room windowsill, plants add the finishing touches to all corners of your home. Plus, plants provide health benefits, like boosting your mood and reducing stress level.

Pro tip: Research which plants will grow best in your space and ask the professionals at your local nursery for plants that flourish in your region. Choose and the right products for you and apply the right amount by reading label directions. Every plant has different needs and it’s important to have carefully crafted plans to maintain your greenery.

7. July: Grow Together with Family Time

Encourage your whole squad to grab a hat and a pair of gardening gloves and head outside for a project in the dirt. From planters filled with fresh flowers to a new landscaping project, time outdoors together will create lasting memories.

Pro tip: In the middle of summer, mosquitoes are especially active. Use EPA-approved bug repellent according to label directions to keep the family safe from harmful bug bites.

8. August: Organize Game Time

Gather some friends and family and go play! Try soccer, football, tag – or whatever makes your heart beat faster. It’s the perfect way to spend time outside and live a healthy lifestyle.

Pro-tip: Keep cool on real grass surfaces, which also provide a soft landing for play time.

Don’t forget to check for ticks after time outdoors – furry friends included!

9. September: Tackle the Yard

The end of fall is an important month for lawn care. As temperature drops, many lawns may require well-maintained grass and a strategically-timed fertilizer plan to survive the upcoming winter.

Pro-tip: Tailor your lawncare strategy to your region’s specific needs, and ask a professional about the details you may not know. Lawn care professionals are knowledgeable about various types of grass and appropriate fertilizing needs and can be an invaluable resource for you.

10. October: Explore the Great Outdoors

The air is crisp, leaves are vibrant, and weather is perfect. Take this opportunity to hike new places and rediscover the green spaces around you. Studies show spending time outdoors offers countless health benefits. Try it out!

Pro tip: Give yourself water breaks and use that time to check for ticks to make sure you’re not carrying any unwanted hitchhikers. Stay ahead of the curve by applying EPA-approved bug repellent before you hit the trail.

11. November: Refresh your Recipes

Add new life to your everyday recipes and family favorites with homegrown herbs, fruits and vegetables. This month, learn how to introduce your garden to your cookbook.

Pro tip: Take your grocery shopping list to your local nursery to see what ingredients you can learn to grow at home. When you’re researching recipes, see what potted herbs you can pick up for weekly meal planning.

12. December: Deck the Halls with Green

Deck the halls with a real Christmas tree from your local nursery or home and garden store. The natural scents will fill your home all holiday season long and make for great conversation pieces for holiday hosting.

Pro tip: Pick the right tree for your needs. Become an expert on real Christmas tree care with this helpful guide.

The final and most important tip: take it easy. Don’t let these intentions become stressors. Focus on growth and have fun!

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