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Day 5 of NIAP Week: Treating Pest Problems

Today is the final day of National Inspect and Protect Week. So far this week, we’ve covered all but the final step of the INSPECT (INvestigate, Study, Prepare, Eliminate, Clean, and Treat) process. Today we’re going to share more about how to treat and manage your pest problems. The INSPECT process is a comprehensive method that works best when all … Continued

Breaking up with bad bug habits

Written by: Robin L. Tabuchi, Research Entomologist, University of California, Berkeley. Valentine’s Day has come and gone.  Although love is still in the air, a much-needed breakup is on the horizon. I’m talking about breaking up with bad “pest” habits. Follow these tips to kick a sour relationship with everyday pests to the curb. Kiss … Continued

Some New New Year’s Resolutions

Written by: Robin L. Tabuchi, Research Entomologist, University of California, Berkeley. Considering it’s February, I’m guessing many of you have already forgotten your New Year’s resolutions. Whether you vowed to hit the gym, learn to cook like Gordon Ramsey or finally clean your rain gutters, let’s make a few easy pest prevention resolutions that won’t … Continued

The Battle of the Bed Bug

You’ve all heard about them—bed bugs—those sneaky, near-microscopic bugs that hitch a ride into your home uninvited and cause all kinds of mischief. This past year, bed bugs have taken up residence in homes, hotels, and businesses across the United States. Los Angeles and other west-coast metropolitan areas are no exception. While New York City … Continued

2011 Inspect and Protect Week is October 3-7

Debug the Myths and RISE announce the second annual National Inspect and Protect Week, October 3-7, a week dedicated to helping homeowners better understand how to protect their homes, lawns and communities from insects, rodents and weeds that cause health problems and property damage. Leading up to National Inspect and Protect Week, our blog will … Continued

Protect your family from tick transmitted deadly virus

Are you a local of Minnesota? A fan of being outdoors? Prone to tick bites? Make sure you know all the necessary information about diseases and illnesses cause by ticks before heading outdoors, including the Powassan virus. The Minnesota Department of Health announced a death related to the Powassan virus which is carried by ticks, on Wednesday, … Continued

Step four: Don’t forget the bug spray!

 If you’re prone to frequent mosquito bites, then you may be familiar with The Five D’s step number four: defend yourself with an effective mosquito repellent. Using a mosquito repellent is an effective and safe way to keep mosquitoes away when working and playing outdoors. When selecting a mosquito repellent you should keep a few … Continued

Step three: Dressing right for mosquito control

Tired of having itchy mosquito bites all over your legs and arms? The clothes you wear during your time outdoors plays a role in the number of mosquitoes you’ll come across. The third step in The Five D’s is to DRESS appropriately in long sleeves and pants. While you may be tempted to beat the … Continued

Want a mosquito free yard? Step one: Drain all standing water

Want a mosquito-free yard? Step one: Drain all standing water The time is here! This week we’re recognizing American Mosquito Control Association’s National Mosquito Control Week.  Each day this week we’ll be posting one step you can take for better mosquito control. By the end of the week, you’ll have “The Five D’s” – of … Continued

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