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10 Ways to Discover the Great Outdoors

10 Ways to Discover the Great Outdoors

Summer is in full-swing – even though it looks and feels significantly different this year. While you may be trading your beach or international vacation ...

Deck the Halls with these 12 Plants

Deck the Halls with these 12 Plants

Holiday plants bring the smells and colors of the season to your favorite spaces, be it under the mistletoe, next to the Christmas tree or ...

Fresh Herbs to “Spice Up” Thanksgiving

Fresh Herbs to “Spice Up” Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, no need to add extra spices to your shopping list. We’ve rounded up the best, easy-to-care for herbs to take your favorite dish, ...

Nabel’s-Nursery to the Stars

The RV made its first stop in White Plains, NY at Nabel’s Nursery, a well-known nursery throughout Westchester County, owned and operated by the Nabel family for nearly 60 years.  Nabel’s Nursery came highly recommended, and Debug the Myths was honored to partner with them ... Read More

A World Without: What Happens When There Aren’t Pest Control Options?

Pending legislation in New York has demonstrated the importance of an educational platform of Debug the Myths. Confusion and misconceptions about pesticide and fertilizer product use remains common, as is indicated by a bill in the New York senate that would greatly hinder the ability ... Read More

Debugging Myths in NC and DC

This week was a whirlwind of activity as Debug the Myths stopped in Morrisville, North Carolina and Washington, DC. Our stop at Prime Outlets in Morrisville on Tuesday was a perfect opportunity to share the Debug the Myths Road tour and all of our interactive and ... Read More

My house has been debugged!

Gina Pickard, St. Petersburg homeowner and mother of five, recently participated in the “Debug My House!” Her home was inspected for potential pest problems and to identify ways she and her family could help prevent creatures from sharing their home.  Living in Florida with year-round ... Read More

Florida’s Largest Home and Garden Show Debugs the Myths

Today was a beautiful day to Debug some Myths at Florida’s Largest Home and Garden Show in Tampa. We had a great time talking with families about their use of pesticide and fertilizer products to keep their family and homes healthy and happy. Families loved ... Read More

Team Up to Clean Up — Boys and Girls Club

As part of our efforts in Tampa, we spent time today with volunteers from the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay, George Steinbrenner Family, killing weeds, planting fun colorful plants and foliage, as well as mulching to hold in water and curb weed growth. ... Read More

Is your home a hotel for pests?

Is your home a top vacation spot for rats and mice? Howard University’s CapComm Lab, the Earth Conservation Corps and the EPA use humor to show how conditions in your home can encourage rodents to move in and stay for a while. (Rated “E” for ... Read More

How golf courses prepare for the season’s rush

Dr. John Stier, Environmental Turfgrass Extension Specialist, Professor and Chair of the Dept. of Horticulture-University of Wisconsin, Madison. The PGA season has begun and people who live in temporal climates are itching to get back on the course, but it’s still too cold. Ever wonder what golf courses ... Read More

Are your pets more vulnerable to pests?

Melissa Brookshire, DVM, runs North River Enterprises and provides consulting services on pet food and animal health companies while balancing her life as a mom of two active boys. A graduate of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, Melissa owned and operated a ... Read More

How to control winter weeds

Dr. John Stier, Environmental Turfgrass Extension Specialist, Professor and Chair of the Dept. of Horticulture-University of Wisconsin, Madison. Winter weather alone doesn’t solve all your weed problems. Most winter weeds are known as winter annuals, which germinate from seeds in the fall, stop growing in the spring and flower ... Read More

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